Shell DIY Set

    Shell DIY Set


      Shell DIY Set Includes:

      DIY Recipe:
      Shell Arch
      Shell Bed
      Shell Fountain
      Shell Lamp
      Shell Partition
      Shell Rug
      Shell Speaker
      Shell Stool
      Shell Table
      Shell Wand
      Shell Wreath
      Shellfish Pochette
      Sandy-beach Flooring
      Starry-sands Flooring
      Summer-shell Rug
      Underwater Flooring
      Underwater Wall
      Water Flooring
      Tropical Vista
      Corals x10
      Cowries x10
      Conches x10
      Giant Clams x10
      Sea Snails x10
      Summer Shells x10
      Sand Dollars x10
      Venus Combs x10
      Clay x30
      Iron Nuggets x30
      Stone x30
      Star Fragments x10

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