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Hello Kitty Diner
Hello Kitty Diner
Hello Kitty Diner

    Hello Kitty Diner

      Hello Kitty Diner
      Diner Counter Chair X3
      Cinnamoroll Signage
      Cinnamoroll Tray
      Coffee Cup
      Dish-drying Rack
      Hello Kitty Chair X4
      Hello Kitty Planter
      Olivier Salad
      Protein Shake
      Tissue Box
      Water Cooler
      Diner Counter Table X2
      Diner Neon Sign
      Diner Sofa X2
      Ironwood Cupboard
      Ironwood Kitchenette
      Diner Dining Table X2
      Air Conditioner
      Hanging Terrarium X2
      Hello Kitty Clock
      Imperial Decorative Shelves X2
      Pot Rack
      Wall-mounted Tv (50in)
      Gray Vinyl Flooring
      Hello Kitty Wall
      Iron Entrance Mat
      After placing your order, start a chat by clicking on the Chat icon on the bottom right. Message the delivery staff your Order Number and Dodo Code. The delivery staff will be at your island within 10 minutes!

      How to Get Your Dodo Code:

      Go to the airport and speak with Orville. Select the following dialogue prompts to get the correct Dodo Code: "I want visitors" → "Via online play" → "Roger!" → "Invite via Dodo Code™" → "The more the merrier!" → "Yeah, invite anyone" You'll receive a 5 character Dodo Code.