644 DIY Island - Learn'em All + Free 1 Trip Of Materials

    644 DIY Island - Learn'em All + Free 1 Trip Of Materials

    $29.99 $39.99

      You will be coming to our DIY island and to learn 644 DIY recipes (1.0.0-1.9.0 update DIY recipes only)

      This deal comes with 40 stacks of materials.

      *Does NOT include 2.0.0 DIY recipes

      How does it work?

      • We will provide you with a Dodo Code to our DIY island.
      • You must come with empty inventory to pick up the materials. 
      • Return to your island after you pick up the materials (You only get 1 trip for material).
      • Start learning all the DIY recipes when you return.
      • No need to fly back and forth because you will be learning all the DIY recipes at our island.
      • You have 3 hours to complete.
      • You CANNOT leave the island once you arrive. If you leave the island, we will assume you are done and gates will be closed.


      • Quickly pick up the DIY recipes until your inventory is full and learn them.
      • Use the garbage bins that are around the map to throw away the recipes you already know (this speeds up the process).

      If you have more questions, use the Messenger button and message us anytime!

      After placing your order, start a chat by clicking on the Chat icon on the bottom right. Message the delivery staff your Order Number and Dodo Code. The delivery staff will be at your island within 10 minutes!

      How to Get Your Dodo Code:

      Go to the airport and speak with Orville. Select the following dialogue prompts to get the correct Dodo Code: "I want visitors" → "Via online play" → "Roger!" → "Invite via Dodo Code™" → "The more the merrier!" → "Yeah, invite anyone" You'll receive a 5 character Dodo Code.