Material Island

    Material Island

    $9.99 $14.99

      How Does It Work?

      1. The delivery staff will provide you with a Dodo Code to our material island.
      2. Empty your inventory before you fly to our island.
      3. Grab the materials you want and fly back to your island.
      4. Return for more if you purchased more than 1 trip.

      Timer will begin as soon as you enter the material area

      Message us if you have any questions!

      After placing your order, start a chat by clicking on the Chat icon on the bottom right. Message the delivery staff your Order Number and Dodo Code. The delivery staff will be at your island within 10 minutes!

      How to Get Your Dodo Code:

      Go to the airport and speak with Orville. Select the following dialogue prompts to get the correct Dodo Code: "I want visitors" → "Via online play" → "Roger!" → "Invite via Dodo Code™" → "The more the merrier!" → "Yeah, invite anyone" You'll receive a 5 character Dodo Code.