Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells

    12 Million Bells


      Bells are delivered in gold nuggets or royal crowns.

      You must sell the gold nuggets/royal crowns directly to Timmy or Tommy INSIDE the Nooks Cranny store for bells 🤓 1 stack of gold nuggets/royal crown = 300,000 bells :)

      *DO NOT sell outside Drop-Off Box!

      The Drop-Off Box pays 80% of an item's normal value, deducting 20% in fees.*

      After placing your order, start a chat by clicking on the Chat icon on the bottom right. Message the delivery staff your Order Number and Dodo Code. The delivery staff will be at your island within 10 minutes!

      How to Get Your Dodo Code:

      Go to the airport and speak with Orville. Select the following dialogue prompts to get the correct Dodo Code: "I want visitors" → "Via online play" → "Roger!" → "Invite via Dodo Code™" → "The more the merrier!" → "Yeah, invite anyone" You'll receive a 5 character Dodo Code.